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Avante camarada - Purtuguese - 03:09 (745Kb)
Can be translated as "Forward, comrade"
Song of Portuguese Revolution
Music: Luís Cília Lyrics: Luís Cília Singer: Luísa Bastos 1967г.
Downloads: 19509 раз

Красивая песня!
Author: Tallink  29.07.05 13:23  Notify moderator
Мне очень понравилась песня "Avante camarada". Когда слушаю её, то так и напеваю:"Аванты камарада, аванты..." Очень прятная песня, я бы с удовольствием под эту песню созвал всех людей на улицы городов Эстонии, дабы бороться за мир, дружбу и справедливость в наше нелёгкое капиталистическое время.

Pesnya narodov za svetloe buduschee !!!
Author: Patriot  30.08.05 15:49  Notify moderator
My dolzhny vse prosnutsya ne tolko radi nashih detei - a radi vsego chelovechestva !
Nastal vopros byt' ili ne byt' - gde dengi ne imeut nikokogo smysla.

Go comrades!
Author: Ferreira  17.01.06 03:56  Notify moderator
This music is a symbol of one political and social fight of the POrtuguese people against the tyranny of one terrible dictatorship ....of Antonio Salazar :-( ....1974 the year of this music..was one RED year the year that the distaroship ende...the year of one important revolution..The Carnation Revolution...that was ..too..synonimm of freedom fom many AFRICAN POOR COUNTRIES LIKE Angola!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foward conrades!
Author: Sturm  11.08.06 08:47  Notify moderator
This song was from Carnation Revolution, a bloodless revolution, but they achieve their goals, changing the regime without using violence.
U all can read about it in wikipédia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnation_Revolution

By the way...
Author: Sturm  11.08.06 08:48  Notify moderator

Btw ( I hit "enter" damn, sorry )
Author: Sturm  11.08.06 08:52  Notify moderator
My translation and correction of music I think it'll get wrong, the site doesn't allow portuguese signals like "refrão, brilhará, nós" =/

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