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Speeches of Soviet leaders
Last updated on 19.07.2009, total number of songs: 378, shown are 20 best songs


TextCommentsDownload  Beria - Speech on Stalin's death
"It is hard to explain in words what now feels our party, people of our country, all progressive humanity. Stalin is no longer with us."
Former NKVD(KGB) chief, Beria speaks about what Stalin did for our Motherland and Communism.
Lyrics: Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beriya 1953. Performed in 1953.
Comments: 31 Downloads: 43377

TextCommentsDownload  Gagarin - Poehali!
One word "Poehali!" (We're going!) said by the first man in the space. With this word a new era of space exploration begins
1961. Singer: Yuriy Gagarin Performed in 1961.
Comments: 13 Downloads: 42927

TextCommentsDownload  GKCP - To the Soviet People
"... new extremist forces appeared and now they want to destroy Soviet Union and take power at all costs..."
GKCP coup was the last attempt to save collapsing Soviet Union
Lyrics: GKChP 1991. Singer: Kirillov Performed in 1991.
Comments: 103 Downloads: 36800

TextCommentsDownload  Kill him!
Lyrics: K. Simonov 1942. Singer: Iz k/f Kontsert - frontu. Chitaet M. I. Tsaryov. Performed in 1942.
Comments: 61 Downloads: 49435

TextCommentsDownload  Lenin - What does "Soviet rule" mean
"The first time in the world labourers drive the state politics...."
Lenin speech describing what new Soviet rule gives to labourers
Lyrics: Vladimir Ilich Lenin 1919. Performed in 1919.
Comments: 13 Downloads: 39550

TextCommentsDownload  Levitan - Germany capitulates
Soviet Radio broadcast
1945. Singer: Yu. Levitan Performed in 1945.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 43758

TextCommentsDownload  Levitan - Red army deblocaded Leningrad
The largest siege in the human history had ended
1943. Singer: Yu. Levitan Performed in 1943.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 31441

TextCommentsDownload  Levitan - Soviet Army occupied Berlin
Soviet radio report on occupation of the fascist capital
Lyrics: Yuriy Borisovich Levitan 1945. Singer: Levitan Performed in 1945.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 33888

TextCommentsDownload  Levitan - Victory near Stalingrad
"Last news! Troops of Don Front have just destroyed fascist forces, surrounded in Stalingrad!"
Soviet radio on success in Stalingrad, german 6th army and parts of 4th pz army destroyed.
Lyrics: Yuriy Borisovich Levitan 1943. Performed in 1943.
Comments: 2 Downloads: 44439

TextCommentsDownload  Molotov - Speech on 22nd June 1941
"Today at 4:00 .. without any declarations, german forces surprise attacked our country..."
This speech informed soviet people that war had began/
Lyrics: Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov 1941. Singer: Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov Performed in 1941.
Comments: 33 Downloads: 58585

TextCommentsDownload  N.S.Khrushev - Speech in UN
"We'll do our best, we'll catch up, we'll surpass you and we'll go forward!"
That time Khrushev promist to catch up and surpass USA
Lyrics: N. S. Khrushev 1963. Performed in 1963.
Comments: 6 Downloads: 32133

TextCommentsDownload  Otrivok iz vistupleniya AYaVishinskogo na otkritom protsesse protiv trotskistov-bukharintsev
Lyrics: A.Ya.Vishinskiy 1938. Singer: A.Ya.Vishinskiy Performed in 1938.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 31093

TextCommentsDownload  Peregovori mezhdu SPKorolevim i YuAGagarinim vo vremya starta
Lyrics: S.P.Korolev i Yu.A.Gagarin 1961. Singer: S.P.Korolev i Yu.A.Gagarin Performed in 1961.
Comments: 4 Downloads: 31857

TextCommentsDownload  Rech G.K. Zhukova na Parade Pobedi 24 iyunya 1945 g.
1945. Performed in 1945.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 28129

TextCommentsDownload  Rech Khrusheva o vragakh naroda
1937. Singer: N. S. Khrushev
Comments: 0 Downloads: 27524

TextCommentsDownload  Soviet Radio broadcast on Brezhnev's death
Soviet Radio broadcast on Brezhnev's death
1982. Performed in 1982.
Comments: 4 Downloads: 31378

TextCommentsDownload  Stalin - Speech on 3rd July 1941
"We must turn all our work to military needs, we must do all to organise enemy's defeat..."
First Stalin's program speech after war had began.
Lyrics: Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin 1941. Performed in 1941.
Comments: 4 Downloads: 48436

TextCommentsDownload  Stalin - Speech on 7th November 1941
"Entire Europe looks at you and waits for you to liberate them!"
One of the most famous Stalin's speeches on Moscow parade in October Revolution date. That time Germans were 20-30 km east from Moscow
Lyrics: Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin 1941. Performed in 1941.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 96053

TextCommentsDownload  Stalin - Victory over Germany
"Victory is ours! Glory to our heroic Red Army! Glory to our great victoryous people! Ethernal glory to the heroes that gave their life to defend freedom of our Motherland!"
Stalin's speech on 9th of May
Lyrics: Iosif Vissarionovich Stalin 1945. Performed in 1945.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 36118

TextCommentsDownload  Ustinov - USSR promises aid to people of Vietnam
"...we send now and we will send even more aid to Vietnam, now fighting against american imperialism..."
Singer: D.F.Ustinov
Comments: 4 Downloads: 48416


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