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Songs of the Communist Youth
Last updated on 19.07.2009, total number of songs: 350, shown are 29 best songs


TextCommentsDownload  Builders' march
A good song of soviet builders.
Music: R. Shedrin Lyrics: V. Kotov 1957. Singer: N. Ribnikov
Comments: 3 Downloads: 36067

TextCommentsDownload  Cheerful march
"We should live a good, beautiful life, guys..."
"Good, beautiful life" means life spent for glory and prosperity of our Motherland
Music: V. Shainskiy Lyrics: V. Kharitonov Singer: Yuriy Gulyaev
Comments: 6 Downloads: 50743

TextCommentsDownload  Democratic Youth of the world
"This song cannot be killed !"
A soviet anti-war song about peace and friendship
Music: A. Novikov Lyrics: L. Oshanin 1947. Singer: Yu. Mazurok Performed in 1947.
Comments: 10 Downloads: 49158

TextCommentsDownload  Do svidanya, mama
Music: V. Solovyov-Sedoy Lyrics: A. Galich 1947. Singer: Ivan Shmelyov, ork. p/u V. Knushevitskogo.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 31363

TextCommentsDownload  Farewell
"He was given order to go fight to the west, she was going to the east..."
A comsomol song of the early 1920s.
Music: Dm.i Dan.Pokrass Lyrics: M. Isakovskiy 1937. Singer: Ivan Shmelev
Comments: 0 Downloads: 42099

TextCommentsDownload  Friends' song
"we'll build new cities, lay new roads..."
An optimistic students' song about the bright future
Music: T. Khrennikov Lyrics: A. Kovalenkov 1948. Singer: Bunchikov i Nechaev Performed in 1948.
Comments: 2 Downloads: 31506

TextCommentsDownload  Good guy
Song about common soviet guy, skilled and smart
Music: E. Rozner Lyrics: Labkovskiy Singer: Pavel Gofman
Comments: 0 Downloads: 27600

TextCommentsDownload  If the guys all over the world
"...we vote for peace, for friendship, for smiles..."
Song of International Youth Festival in Moscow
Has english variant of lyrics!
Music: V. Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1957. Singer: Leonid Kostritsa
Comments: 4 Downloads: 35048

TextCommentsDownload  Komsomol volunteers
...we are strong with our friendship...
Song from movie of the same name
Music: M. Fradkin Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1957. Singer: I.Savchuk i K.Gerasimov Performed in 1957.
Comments: 6 Downloads: 49689

TextCommentsDownload  March of the young soviet builders
"We have everything for happiness, happiness for centuries!"
Song of the young builders of Communism from movie "Height"
Music: B. Terentev Lyrics: V. Guryan 1954. Singer: Vladimir Bunchikov i Vladimir Nechaev. Performed in 1954.
Comments: 2 Downloads: 29087

TextCommentsDownload  Marsh sovetskoy molodyozhi
Music: Serafim Tulikov Lyrics: Evgeniy Dolmatovskiy 1951. Singer: Vladimir Bunchikov i khor Performed in 1951.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 28438

TextCommentsDownload  Moscow students song
"...from siberian snows and dniepr steppes came we to you, capital ..."
A good song about Moscow
Music: A. Novikov Lyrics: L. Oshanin 1953. Singer: K. Shulzhenko Performed in 1960.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 27609

TextCommentsDownload  Nu kak ne zapet
Music: Zinoviy Dunaevskiy Lyrics: Vasiliy Lebedev-Kumach 1935. Singer: Anatoliy Orfyonov i khor Performed in 1949.
Comments: 4 Downloads: 27289

TextCommentsDownload  On the skating
"...we are running to the lights..."
A good sample of true Soviet lyrical song
Music: A. Novikov Lyrics: L. Oshanin 1947. Singer: Zoya Rozhdestvenskaya Performed in 1952.
Comments: 8 Downloads: 29654

TextCommentsDownload  Optimists march
Song helps us to live and to build a bright future..."
A very famous soviet song
Music: I. Dunaevskiy Lyrics: V. Lebedev-Kumach 1934. Singer: V. Bunchikov
Comments: 2 Downloads: 42149

TextCommentsDownload  Our youth
"...Sun shines to us...there is no other country as happy as our Motherland..."
Song about happy life in pre-WW2 USSR
Music: Matvey Blanter Lyrics: Pavel Granov i Naum Labkovskiy 1939. Singer: V. Batisheva, P. Mikhaylov, V. Tyutyunnik i ork. p/u V. N. Knushevitskogo. Performed in 1939.
Comments: 2 Downloads: 28209

TextCommentsDownload  Pesnya o trevozhnoy molodosti
Music: A. Pakhmutova Lyrics: Lev Oshanin 1958. Singer: Yuriy Gulyaev
Comments: 4 Downloads: 54593

TextCommentsDownload  School waltz
"..and here we read the word Motherland for the first time.."
Song about Soviet school and teachers
Music: I. Dunaevskiy Lyrics: M. Matusovskiy 1951. Singer: V.Bunchikov
Comments: 1 Downloads: 56505

TextCommentsDownload  School years
"Wondering school years - with book, with friendship, with song..."
This song can be named gymn of the Soviet school
Music: D. Kabalevskiy Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1953. Singer: N. Postavnicheva
Comments: 9 Downloads: 31638

TextCommentsDownload  Siberian taiga under the plane wings
Siberian taiga under the plane wings is singing something...
A very famous komsomol song about exploration of Syberia
Music: A. Pakhmutova Lyrics: S. Grebennikov i N. Dobronravov 1962. Singer: Barashkov, Polosin, Kuznetsov Performed in 1962.
Comments: 20 Downloads: 64214

TextCommentsDownload  Song about new lands
... Morning! Morning starts with a sunrise! Hello! Hello my Great Country!...
A good students song about celina
Music: O. Feltsman Lyrics: V. Kharitonov 1962. Singer: Anatoliy Korolyov, ans. Druzhba
Comments: 4 Downloads: 39844

TextCommentsDownload  Studencheskaya zastolnaya
Music: Arkadiy Ostrovskiy Lyrics: O. Fadeeva 1948. Singer: Klavdiya Shulzhenko
Comments: 0 Downloads: 29427

TextCommentsDownload  Studencheskiy vals
Music: M. Ferkelman Lyrics: V. Guryan 1952. Singer: Leonid Kostritsa. Orkestr p/u An. Badkhena. Performed in 1952.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 23183

TextCommentsDownload  Student's song
"Go forward, my friends, to the new victories!"
A post WWII song about a peaseful work.
Music: T.Khrennikov Lyrics: A.Kovalenkov 1948. Singer: V.Nechaev
Comments: 0 Downloads: 25251

TextCommentsDownload  That's way to victory
"Hear the voice of youth: Lenin! Party! Komsomol!"
One of really moving youth songs
Music: A. Pakhmutova Lyrics: N. Dobronravov 1982. Singer: Kobzon-Rotaru-Leshenko
Comments: 1 Downloads: 36884

TextCommentsDownload  The battle is going again
"And Lenin is young again, and new October is coming..."
A song about October Revolution in 1917
Music: A. Pakhmutova Lyrics: N. Dobronravov 1974. Singer: L. Smetannikov
Comments: 22 Downloads: 118514

TextCommentsDownload  To the Far East
"... our road leads to the lands that need our work, to our dear, close Far East"
Soviet youth leaves European Eart of the USSR to explore and build Far East.
Music: Dm. i Dan.Pokrass Lyrics: E.Dolmatovskiy 1939. Singer: Emma Tsesarskaya i V. Serova Performed in 1939.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 34320

TextCommentsDownload  To the new home
Long road is now over, hello new land!
Song about komsomol settlers in Kazakh steppes
Music: E. Rodigin Lyrics: N. Solokhina 1962. Singer: Pavel Titar
Comments: 15 Downloads: 37239

TextCommentsDownload  Youth
"...because everyone is young now in our young beautiful county..."
One of the first songs about Komsomol
Music: Matvey Blanter Lyrics: Yuriy Dantsiger i Yuriy Dolin 1936. Singer: khor VR
Comments: 0 Downloads: 28385


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