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Links to the other related sites

1. Soviet Retro Music

Big children chorus Official site
A good site, has manu children's songs but has a significent disadvantage: poor hosting and as, result, download problems. - Russian only

Virtual Retro Library
A very good site about Retro music. Recommended to see! - Russian only

Vitamine's favorite songs
Vitamine's home page has a few good songs - Russian only

"Musical Archive"
A big catalogue of old grammophone records - Russian only

"World of the Italian Opera"
A good, interesting site. Has many records in mp3, italian operas as well as russian operas. - Russian only

"When we'll be given order by comrade Stalin!"
An interesting ukrainian site. Has a lot of interesting records. Recommended to see! - Russian and English versions

Official site of Alexandra Pakhmutova
The side of the famous russian composer has many records in RealAudio - Russian Only

The official site of the famous Soviet group of the 70-s: "Pesnyary" - English and Russian

Soviet anthems
This Norwegian site has a fine collection of russian anthems including many versions of "The Internationale" on different languages. - English, Russian and Norwegian

Site "Nostalgie"
A lot of Soviet Retro music (Non-political) can be found here. - Russian only

On this site of our German comrades you can find germal socialist and labour songs. - German

Some modern communist songs - Russian only

2. Leftist movement

AKM - Red Youth Avangarde
A site of a yout revolutionan organisation - Russian only

Personal site of leader of the "Worker's Russia" V. I. Anpilov

A big informational left site has both English and Russian versions.

Russian patriotic library
Has many books of different authors - Russian only

For Stalin!
A big, very informative site about I.V. Stalin and Stalin's epoch. Site has a big library on the topic

Newspaper "Zavtra"
Official site of the Alexander Prokhanov's newspaper

Home page of the A.Meller "Resistance" has some modern patriotic songs. - Russian only

Official site of the Communist Party (CPRF) - Russian only

RPK: offocial site
Site of the Russian Party of Communists

Newspaper "Soviet Russia"
Very popular russian socialist newspaper. - Russian only

Communist youth of Russia
Official site of the Communist Youth Organisation (SCM RF) - Russian only

A small site about USSR - Russian only

3. Miscellaneous

Learn all about Russia: its history, culture and language. RusLang offers a variety of language lessons and exercises, as well as general information about Russia - its population and geography. Also, you will find a dictionary, encoding converter, photo gallery, library and more.

Good site about atheism and anti-religious propaganda. Those, who believe in God, Allah, Iegova, Budda, Krishna or other gods MUST visit it. - Russian and English

Military History Forum
A lot of historical info. Mostly in russian.

Moscow Air Institute Symbolics
Here are some versions of the "Air march" (March of Stalins Air Force)

"Sceptic" information portal
Those, who are interested in UFO, "bioenergetics", "highest mind", religion, sorcery, magic or anything like that can find many interesting here...

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