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Songs about Soviet cities
Last updated on 19.07.2009, total number of songs: 341, shown are 29 best songs


TextCommentsDownload  According to the Moscow time
"And even in distant taiga we hear the Kremlin tower clock..."
How motherland loves it s capital
Music: Sigizmund Kats Lyrics: Mikhail Matusovskiy Singer: Viktor Selivanov
Comments: 2 Downloads: 30945

TextCommentsDownload  Defenders of Leningrad
"Under german canonade our youth went to fight..."
Song about defence of Leningrad. Siege of Leningrad, city populated by 3 million people, lasted for more than two years and was the largest in the human history.
Music: Anatoliy Lepin Lyrics: P.Shubin 1943. Singer: V. Kozin
Comments: 2 Downloads: 39202

TextCommentsDownload  Evening Capital
"Moscow sings, shines by lights..."
Famous song from movie "We've met somewhere..."
Music: Anatoliy Lepin Lyrics: Evgeniy Dolmatovskiy 1954. Singer: Lyudmila Tselikovskaya i khor
Comments: 0 Downloads: 31035

TextCommentsDownload  Evenings in Moscow countryside
Sometimes it is called Moscow summer nights
This song is famous both in the USSR and outside the country.
Fist published on International Youth Festival in Moscow in 1956.
Music: V. Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: M. Matusovskiy 1957. Singer: V.Troshin
Comments: 49 Downloads: 49072

TextCommentsDownload  Good night, Leningrad
Initially this song was about Moscow, but this unusual version is about second Russian capital, Leningrad
Music: I. Dunaevskiy Lyrics: V. Mass, M. Chervinskiy 1947. Singer: Leonid i Edit Utesovi
Comments: 13 Downloads: 30076

TextCommentsDownload  Greetings from Moscow
"In polar seas, in steppes of Siberia, take greetings from Moscow..."
"We have common thoughts and one sun shines to us all..."
Moscow remembers and takes care about each soviet citizen
Music: I. Dunaevskiy Lyrics: M. Matusovskiy 1955. Singer: V. Bunchikov Performed in 1956.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 24273

TextCommentsDownload  Hello, Moscow!
"We are marching, we are singing, we are are passing by streets and parks..."
Traditionnaly cheerful and optimistic soviet song.
Music: A. Lepin Lyrics: O. Fadeeva 1946. Singer: Vladimir Bunchikov, khor i orkestr. Dirizher S.P.Gorchakov
Comments: 3 Downloads: 32092

TextCommentsDownload  How good is on Moscow wide streets
"I will never forget a friend, if i meet him in Moscow..."
A song about a capital of our Motherland
Music: T. Khrennikov Lyrics: V. Gusev 1941. Singer: E. Flaks
Comments: 0 Downloads: 33371

TextCommentsDownload  Kiev waltz
One of the best songs about Kiev
Music: P. Mayboroda Lyrics: A.Malishko 1950. Singer: M.Shevchenko i M.Fokin
Comments: 9 Downloads: 37008

TextCommentsDownload  Lenin mountains
"When you ll come to the Lenin mountains..."
A good song about Moscow
Music: Yu. Milyutin Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1949. Singer: G. Vinogradov Performed in 1953.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 28704

TextCommentsDownload  Moscow
"We are proud of our capital of labour, our beauty - Moscow"
This song was written to celebrate 800th anniversary of Moscow foundation
Music: Matvey Blanter Lyrics: Aleksandr Kovalenkov 1948. Singer: Vladimir Nechaev Performed in 1948.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 26684

TextCommentsDownload  Moscow in may
"...And Stalin will raise his hand to greet us..."
Original version of the famous song with a few words about Stalin
Music: Dm. i Dan. Pokrass Lyrics: V.Lebedeva-Kumach 1937. Singer: V. Bunchikov,V. Nechaev, Khor
Comments: 3 Downloads: 61618

TextCommentsDownload  Moscow waltz
"A summer evening is looking into the windows..."
One more song about beauty of the soviet capital
Music: M. Blanter Lyrics: A. Kovalenkov 1946. Singer: V. Nechaev Performed in 1948.
Comments: 6 Downloads: 28337

TextCommentsDownload  My dear Moscowers
This song was introduced on Moscow 800-year jubilee.
Music: I.Dunaevskiy Lyrics: V.Mass M.Chervinskiy 1947. Singer: Leonid i Edit Utesovi
Comments: 8 Downloads: 38788

TextCommentsDownload  My Moscow
"My dear capital, my Moscow..."
A beautiful song about Moscow
Music: I.Dunaevskiy Lyrics: M. Lisyanskiy i A. Agranyan 1941. Singer: V. Borisenko
Comments: 9 Downloads: 46029

TextCommentsDownload  Near Black Sea
"I see this city in my dreams..."
Famous song of a famous singer about Black Sea
Music: Modest Tabachnikov Lyrics: Semen Kirsanov 1951. Singer: Leonid Utesov Performed in 1951.
Comments: 9 Downloads: 38784

TextCommentsDownload  Odessa
Beautiful song about Odessa, pearl of the Soviet Black Sea
Music: Isaak Dunaevskiy Lyrics: V.Mass i M.Chervinskiy 1955. Singer: Tatyana Shmiga
Comments: 3 Downloads: 38103

TextCommentsDownload  Samara-town
Stalin loved this very famous folk song.
Music: obr. A. M. Polonskiy (f-no) Lyrics: narodnie 1949. Singer: Roza Baglanova
Comments: 5 Downloads: 28691

TextCommentsDownload  Shine from Moscow windows
"I wish you good and let the shine of Moscow windows shine for many years..."
A great lyric song about Moscow
Music: T. Khrennikov Lyrics: M. Matusovskiy 1956. Singer: Irina Brzhevskaya
Comments: 6 Downloads: 35441

TextCommentsDownload  Song about Moscow
"Hello, my capital! Hello, Moscow!"
Original version of the famous song
Music: Sigizmund Kats Lyrics: Anatoliy Sofronov 1947. Singer: M.Mikhaylov, L.Sateeva, V. Bunchikov Performed in 1947.
Comments: 2 Downloads: 26691

TextCommentsDownload  Song about soviet capital
"Those, who sing about soviet capital, are singing about Stalin..."
Song from movie "1-st of May"
Music: Dm. i Dan. Pokrass Lyrics: V. Lebedev-Kumach 1938. Singer: Pyotr Kirichek. Gos. khor SSSR i Gos. ork. nar. instr. SSSR p/u P. I. Alekseeva. Performed in 1938.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 32084

TextCommentsDownload  Stalingrad waltz
"In Stalingrad steppes , over wide Volga, yound sun rises..."
Good after-WW2 lyrical song about city-hero Stalingrad
Music: O. Strok Lyrics: Davidovich i Dragunskiy Singer: L. Utesov
Comments: 4 Downloads: 27628

TextCommentsDownload  Sverdlovsk Waltz
This good soviet song was very popular in 60-s
Music: Evgeniy Rodigin Lyrics: G. Varshavskiy 1960. Singer: E. Rodigin i A. Vorobyova
Comments: 6 Downloads: 40275

TextCommentsDownload  The best city in the world
"These words are about you, Moscow!"
One of the best soviet songs about Moscow
Music: A.Babadzhanyan Lyrics: L.Derbenev Singer: M. Magomaev
Comments: 10 Downloads: 44313

TextCommentsDownload  Vechernyaya pesnya
Music: V.Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: A.Churkin 1963. Singer: Vladimir Nechaev, orkestr. Dirizher Vladimir Fedoseev. Performed in 1963.
Comments: 4 Downloads: 48216

TextCommentsDownload  Vladivostok lights
"Every sailor has his own light that greets him, when he returns from the sea..."
Song about capital of Soviet Far East
Music: L. Bakalov Lyrics: V. Malkov Singer: V. Bunchikov
Comments: 0 Downloads: 36320

TextCommentsDownload  Vologda
"Gde ti moya, chernoglazaya, gde? - V Vologde-gde-gde-gde..."
Music: B. Mokrousov Lyrics: M. Matusovskiy Singer: Vl. Nechaev
Comments: 4 Downloads: 45033

TextCommentsDownload  We are young by soul
"...everything changes in our Moscow and we see the bright future..."
Song about the rebuilding Moscow
Music: Sigizmund Kats Lyrics: V.Malkov 1948. Singer: Ivan Shmelyov i khor VR
Comments: 1 Downloads: 30516

TextCommentsDownload  When approaching to Moscow
"...You feel how mighty the dear Motherland is..."
Song about the beaty and might of the Motherland
Music: I. Dunaevskiy Lyrics: M. Matusovskiy 1950. Singer: V. Nechaev Performed in 1950.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 28857


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