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Lyrical songs of the War
Last updated on 19.07.2009, total number of songs: 855, shown are 73 best songs


TextCommentsDownload  Accident waltz
"...but now i feel that i'm back home..."
A soldier on a war has a few free minutes to dance a waltz
Music: M. Fradkin Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1943. Singer: L.Utesov
Comments: 10 Downloads: 37532

TextCommentsDownload  Airplanes - first of all
"Airplanes - first of all...and women - after the war!"
Pilots' song from soviet movie
Music: V.Solovyov-Sedoy Lyrics: A. Fatyanov 1945. Singer: dzhaz-orkestr Vsesoyuznogo radiokomiteta, solist: Leonid Kostritsa
Comments: 8 Downloads: 43299

TextCommentsDownload  Baksanskaya
Music: B. Terentev Lyrics: A.Gryaznov, L.Korotaeva, N.Persiyaninov 1943. Singer: Yuriy Vizbor
Comments: 11 Downloads: 42261

TextCommentsDownload  Ballada o soldate
Music: V.Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: M.Matusovskiy 1961. Singer: ans. im. Aleksandrova
Comments: 17 Downloads: 56509

TextCommentsDownload  Birds
"Don t wake them, let the soldiers sleep a while..."
Slow and melodic song about the WW2
Music: V. Solovyov-Sedoy Lyrics: A. Fatyanov 1944. Singer: G. Vinogradov
Comments: 15 Downloads: 37713

TextCommentsDownload  Blue handkerchief
A great lyrical song of the WWII
Music: E. Peterburgskiy Lyrics: Galitskiy i Maksimov 1942. Singer: Klavdiya Shulzhenko
Comments: 3 Downloads: 34448

TextCommentsDownload  Blue letter
"...I will fight the enemies to defend you, my love..."
Lyrical song of the WW2
Music: Yu. Milyutin Lyrics: V.Zamyatin 1941. Singer: Sergey Lemeshev. Performed in 1943.
Comments: 4 Downloads: 34807

TextCommentsDownload  Bot that's main, friends
"...in storms and flames of war we keep in our hearts our friends and those, that is called Motherland..."
Good, truthful song about war from movie "6:00 PM after end of war"
Music: T. Khrennikov Lyrics: V. Gusev 1944. Singer: Mark Reyzen. Orkestr GABT p/u K. Kondrashina. Performed in 1947.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 30975

TextCommentsDownload  Buchenwald bell
"People of the world, stand still for a minute..."
Very famous song about prisoners of the german death camps
Music: V. Muradeli Lyrics: Aleksandr Sobolev 1958. Singer: M. Magomaev
Comments: 23 Downloads: 58311

TextCommentsDownload  Cauldron
"Hitler could start war, but he won't win it..."
And finally Hitler's armies were trapped in "cauldron"
Music: Nikolay Minkh Lyrics: V. Dikhovichniy i S. Fogelson 1944. Singer: Mikhail Kurdin i dzhaz-orkestr teatra K.B.F. p.r. N. Minkh
Comments: 4 Downloads: 29677

TextCommentsDownload  Comin in on a wing and a prayer - Russian version
"Thow we ve one motor gone we can still carry on..."
Music: Jimmie McHugh Lyrics: Harold Adamson, per. T. Sikorskaya i S. Bolotin 1943. Singer: L.Utesov
Comments: 29 Downloads: 55608

TextCommentsDownload  Dovoenniy vals
Music: Pavel Aedonitskiy Lyrics: Feliks Laube Singer: Iosif Kobzon
Comments: 5 Downloads: 49679

TextCommentsDownload  Dunay goluboy
Music: A.Dolukhanyan Lyrics: S.Smirnov Singer: Vladimir Nechaev
Comments: 0 Downloads: 28171

TextCommentsDownload  Farewell
"Good bye, my love, go and fight "
Wife says good bye to her husbent, mobilized to fight the fascists
Music: Tikhon Khrennikov Lyrics: F.Kravchenko 1941. Singer: N.Isakova
Comments: 5 Downloads: 30350

TextCommentsDownload  Front reporters song
"...from Moscow to Brest there is no cuch place, where we haven t been..."
Song about front newspaper reporters
Music: M. Blanter Lyrics: K. Simonov 1943. Singer: L. Utesov
Comments: 4 Downloads: 40106

TextCommentsDownload  Gde zhe vi teper, druzya-odnopolchane
Music: V. Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: A. Fatyanov 1947. Singer: E. Flaks
Comments: 4 Downloads: 39077

TextCommentsDownload  Go on, friends
Song of the soviet pilots
Music: V. Soloviev-Sedoy Lyrics: S. Vogelson 1945. Singer: from movie "Slow sky machine Performed in 1945.
Comments: 2 Downloads: 36968

TextCommentsDownload  Guys from Moscow
"And world they saved, alive world remembers them..."
song about those, who fell for Mothwerland during the Great Patriotic War
Music: Andrey Eshpay Lyrics: E. Vinokurov Singer: V.Nechaev
Comments: 8 Downloads: 33817

TextCommentsDownload  In the Blindage
"...an accordion sings about your smile and eyes..."
Soldiers during WW2 really loved this song
Music: K.Listov Lyrics: A.Surkov 1942.
Comments: 16 Downloads: 61352

TextCommentsDownload  In the blindage
"...and accordion sings about your smile and your eyes..."
Soldiers during WW2 really loved this song
Music: K.Listov Lyrics: A.Surkov 1942. Singer: Agitvzvod Armyeskogo Doma Krasnoy Armii p/r A.Vladimirtsova. Solist K.Simonov Performed in 1942.
Comments: 15 Downloads: 39631

TextCommentsDownload  In the blindage
"...and accordion sings about your smile and your eyes..."
Soldiers during WW2 really loved this song. Modern record by Red Army choir im Alexandrova
Music: K.Listov Lyrics: A.Surkov 1942. Singer: Ans. im Aleksandrova, solist L. Pshenichniy Performed in 1992.
Comments: 3 Downloads: 35971

TextCommentsDownload  In the Bryansk woods
"...and only trees could listen how partisans were going to attack the fascists..."
Song about heroic fight behind the enemy line
Music: S. Kats Lyrics: A. Sofronov 1942. Singer: G. Abramov
Comments: 5 Downloads: 33376

TextCommentsDownload  In the forest near front
"Harmonist plays old waltz and we remember old happy times..."
"And everyone knows that path to home passes throw war"
Song describes soldiers of WW2 during minutes of rest.
Music: M. Blanter Lyrics: M. Isakovskiy 1942. Singer: Georgiy Vinogradov i KrAPP p/u A. V. Aleksandrova Performed in 1945.
Comments: 24 Downloads: 73817

TextCommentsDownload  Jenny's song
"...if you'll be wounded, i'll help and heal your wounds..."
Good ideological song of the 30s
Music: N. Bogoslovskiy Lyrics: V. Lebedev-Kumach 1938. Singer: Lyalya Sateeva Performed in 1938.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 33545

TextCommentsDownload  Kogda pesnyu poyosh
"Soldatu na fronte tyazhelo bez lyubimoy..."
Music: V. Solovyov-Sedoy Lyrics: V. Gusev 1943. Singer: Efrem Flaks. Ansambl p/u D. Leyvina. Performed in 1943.
Comments: 4 Downloads: 30655

TextCommentsDownload  Let us smoke together
"Once we'll remember these hard days..."
A great song of the WW2
Music: M. Tabachnikov Lyrics: I. Frenkel 1943. Singer: K. Shulzhenko
Comments: 7 Downloads: 41493

TextCommentsDownload  Lizaveta
Music: N. Bogoslovskiy Lyrics: Dolmatovskiy 1943. Singer: Pyotr Kirichek
Comments: 3 Downloads: 40956

TextCommentsDownload  Lone light
Really great WW2 song about love and friendship
Music: narodnaya Lyrics: M. Isakovskiy 1944. Singer: V.Nechaev Performed in 1947.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 42091

TextCommentsDownload  Lyubimiy gorod
Music: N. Bogoslovskiy Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1939. Singer: Efrem Flaks
Comments: 1 Downloads: 32415

TextCommentsDownload  Mahorka tobacco
"We're ready to fight"
Soldier's song about common tobacco used Russian army
Music: K. Listov Lyrics: M. Ruderman 1939. Singer: S. Streltsov, Al. Ivanov i ork. p/u V. N. Knushevitskogo
Comments: 0 Downloads: 27941

TextCommentsDownload  May waltz
"...spring of 1945, Danube waits you for a long time..."
Song about Victory
Music: I. Luchenok Lyrics: M. Yasen 1985. Singer: Yaroslav Evdokimov
Comments: 22 Downloads: 44162

TextCommentsDownload  Mishka - Odessit
"...you re Odessit so you are not afraid of any trouble..."
A good song, radio often plays it even in modern days
Music: Modest Tabachnikov Lyrics: Vladimir Dikhovichniy 1942. Singer: L. Utesov
Comments: 22 Downloads: 37804

TextCommentsDownload  My love
"...when i left home for war..."
Soldier sings about his love that is waiting him at home
Music: M. Blantera Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1942. Singer: S. Lemeshev
Comments: 1 Downloads: 35334

TextCommentsDownload  Night over Belgrade
"...we remember year of fear, black planes over city..."
Song that was written in 1942 about fascist bombings of Belgrade, became actual in modern days
Music: Nikita Bogoslovskiy Lyrics: Boris Laskin 1942. Singer: Tatyana Okunevskaya
Comments: 2 Downloads: 29664

TextCommentsDownload  No mercy for enemy
"Napoleon awaits Hitler in a deep tomb..."
Funny jazz song about fascists
Music: A. Ostrovskiy Lyrics: I. Fink i M. Chervinskiy 1942. Singer: Krasnoarm. dzhaz-ans. N-skoy armii Volkhovskogo fr. p/u Aleksandra Murina
Comments: 2 Downloads: 33671

TextCommentsDownload  Ofiicers
"From the heros of the earlier times sometimes we don't have even names..."
Song from a popular soviet movie
Music: Rafail Khozak Lyrics: Evgeniy Agranovich 1971. Singer: Vladimir Zlatoustovskiy
Comments: 62 Downloads: 84610

TextCommentsDownload  Oh, roads
"...dust and fog, cold, alarms, and steppe grass..."
A good WWII song
Music: A. Novikov Lyrics: L. Oshanin 1945. Singer: Georgiy Abramov
Comments: 6 Downloads: 61227

TextCommentsDownload  Oi tumani moi, rastumani
"...in a silence partisans marched against enemy..."
Song about Soviet partisans of the Great Patriotic War (WW2)
Music: V. Zakharov Lyrics: M. Isakovskiy 1943. Singer: khor Pyatnitskogo
Comments: 5 Downloads: 32750

TextCommentsDownload  On sunny clearing
Song about love between soviet girl and soldier of WW2
Music: V. Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: A. Fatyanov 1943. Singer: Georgiy Vinogradov Performed in 1944.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 32980

TextCommentsDownload  On the June, 22nd, at 4 o'clock
"...Kiev was bombed and we were told that the war has began..."
In 40s all the soviet people knew it
Music: E. Peterburgskiy 1941.
Comments: 41 Downloads: 50785

TextCommentsDownload  On the meadow near school
"...tanks stopped to rest..."
Beautiful song of the war times about love and friendship
Music: Albert Garris Lyrics: Yuriy Tseytlin 1944. Singer: Georgiy Vinogradov Performed in 1944.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 31599

TextCommentsDownload  On the noname hill
"...only 3 of 18 survived after the battle..."
A popular song about WW2
Music: V. Basner Lyrics: M.Matusovskiy 1963. Singer: L. Barashkov Performed in 1963.
Comments: 17 Downloads: 55141

TextCommentsDownload  Oy tumani moi, rastumani
Music: V.Zakharov Lyrics: M.Isakovskiy 1943. Singer: Gos. russkiy nar. khor im.Pyatnitskogo
Comments: 1 Downloads: 28483

TextCommentsDownload  Pesnya Maksima
Lyrics: V. Lebedev-Kumach 1941. Singer: B. Chirkov Performed in 1941.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 34013

TextCommentsDownload  Play, my accordion
Famous song of the WW2. Soldier sings about his love and Motherland
Music: V. Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: G. Romm i A. Davidovich 1941. Singer: Efrem Flaks
Comments: 1 Downloads: 32941

TextCommentsDownload  Pod zvyozdami balkanskimi
Music: Matvey Blanter Lyrics: Mikhail Isakovskiy 1944. Singer: Vladimir Nechaev
Comments: 8 Downloads: 32416

TextCommentsDownload  Road to Berlin
A song that describes the Red Army's way to Berlin
Music: M. Fradkin Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1945. Singer: L.Utesov
Comments: 9 Downloads: 42625

TextCommentsDownload  Saint stone
When leaving Sevastopol, marine took a small stone of dear land with him...
Music: Boris Mokrousov Lyrics: Aleksandr Zharov 1943. Singer: Mark Reyzen. AP VRK p/u B. A. Aleksandrova. Performed in 1947.
Comments: 23 Downloads: 35466

TextCommentsDownload  Sea goat
Song urges to fight "fascist goats"
Music: Sigizmund Kats Lyrics: Vladimir Dikhovichniy 1943. Singer: Ya.Gudkin, P.Minin, A.Petrochenko i N.Trofimov. Dzhaz-orkestr Tsentr. Ans. VMF SSSR p/u Ya. Skomorovskogo Performed in 1943.
Comments: 5 Downloads: 36407

TextCommentsDownload  Smuglyanka
A famous song from the film "Only veterans will go to fight" about the soviet pilots
Music: A. Novikov Lyrics: Ya. Shvedov 1944. Singer: iz k/f V boy idut odni stariki
Comments: 15 Downloads: 42439

TextCommentsDownload  Soldatskiy vals
Music: V.Voronov Lyrics: B.Tsarin 1950. Singer: Vladimir Bunchikov Performed in 1950.
Comments: 20 Downloads: 28107

TextCommentsDownload  Soldiers song
Song about life of common soldiers of the WW2
Music: V. Basner Lyrics: M. Matusovskiy 1967.
Comments: 12 Downloads: 57578

TextCommentsDownload  Soldiers are going
"...soldiers are going by the burned land..."
WW2 soldiers sing about war and Motherland
Music: K. Molchanov Lyrics: M. Lvovskiy Singer: I. Shmelev Performed in 1949.
Comments: 10 Downloads: 37940

TextCommentsDownload  Soldiers' waltz
"...i sing about my homa and the time when i'll return back..."
Song of a common Soviet soldier
Music: N.Bogoslovskiy Lyrics: Dikhovichniy i Slobodskoy Singer: L. Utesov
Comments: 3 Downloads: 31035

TextCommentsDownload  Song about Dnepr
Song about great Ukrainian river, that does not give up to the fascists
Music: M.Fradkin Lyrics: E.Dolmatovskiy 1941.
Comments: 3 Downloads: 36354

TextCommentsDownload  Song from movie "Sailor Ivan Nikulin"
One of the best song about War
Music: S. Pototskiy Lyrics: A. Surkov 1943. Singer: Boris Chirkov, ans. Tsfasmana
Comments: 6 Downloads: 31595

TextCommentsDownload  Spring of 1945
"Our labour force shines to our friends and threatens to our enemies..."
Early 70's song about importance of the Great Victory
Music: A. Pakhmutova Lyrics: E. Dolmatovskiy 1970. Singer: Yu. Bogatikov
Comments: 3 Downloads: 45925

TextCommentsDownload  Temnaya noch
Music: N. Bogoslovskiy Lyrics: V. Agatov 1943. Singer: M. Bernes Performed in 1943.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 40160

TextCommentsDownload  The tanks were rattling like a thunder
"...and here they carried young commander with head all broken outright..."
This very popular russian song HAS ENGLISH VARIANT OF TEXT
Music: Muzika narodnaya Lyrics: Neizvesten Singer: iz k/f Na voyne kak na voyne
Comments: 116 Downloads: 45835

TextCommentsDownload  Tuchi nad gorodom vstali
Music: P. Armand Lyrics: P. Armand 1938. Singer: E.Flaks
Comments: 4 Downloads: 27248

TextCommentsDownload  Two battle friends
Song about friendship and mutual assistance betwin Soviet warriors
Music: A. Lepin Lyrics: V. Lebedev-Kumach 1943. Singer: V. Kozin Performed in 1943.
Comments: 3 Downloads: 30379

TextCommentsDownload  Two Maxims
Song about friendship between soldier Maxim and machine gun of the same name.
Music: Sigizmund Kats Lyrics: V. Dikhovichniy 1941. Singer: Georgiy Vinogradov Performed in 1941.
Comments: 2 Downloads: 42817

TextCommentsDownload  Vasya - Vasilyok
"Chto ti, Vasya, priunil, golovu povesil..."
Music: A. Novikov Lyrics: S. Alimov 1942. Singer: Ans. im. Aleksandrova Performed in 1942.
Comments: 25 Downloads: 36646

TextCommentsDownload  Vecher na reyde
Music: Vasiliy Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: Aleksandr Dmitrievich Churkin 1942. Singer: Vladimir Bunchikov i Mikhail Mikhaylov Performed in 1942.
Comments: 4 Downloads: 53115

TextCommentsDownload  Volkhov song
"Let us drink for those who died on the snow to liberate Leningrad..."
This song uses the same music as "Our toast"
Music: I.Lyuban Lyrics: P. Shubin 1943.
Comments: 31 Downloads: 60220

TextCommentsDownload  Vragi sozhgli rodnuyu khatu
Music: Matvey Blanter Lyrics: Mikhail Isakovskiy 1945. Singer: Vladimir Nechaev Performed in 1968.
Comments: 38 Downloads: 56574

TextCommentsDownload  Vse khorosho
1938. Singer: Ilya Nabatov, dzhaz-ork. p/u A. Tsfasmana. Performed in 1939.
Comments: 7 Downloads: 30425

TextCommentsDownload  Wait
"Wait, and I'll return back. Please wait for me, please..."
One of the best lyrical songs of war
Music: M. Blanter Lyrics: K. Simonov 1942. Singer: Georgiy Vinogradov
Comments: 10 Downloads: 50640

TextCommentsDownload  We need one victory for all
"We need one victory for all, price does not matter..."
Great song was written 20 years after WW2
Music: B. Okudzhava Lyrics: B. Okudzhava 1970. Singer: iz k/f Belorusskiy vokzal, isponyaet Nina Urgant Performed in 1970.
Comments: 14 Downloads: 59791

TextCommentsDownload  We've been at home long, long ago
Two friends on the front sing the song about their home
Music: V. Solovev-Sedoy Lyrics: A. Fatyanov 1945. Singer: V. Bunchikov, V. Nechaev i V.A.Nevskiy
Comments: 0 Downloads: 46189

TextCommentsDownload  When I came back from Berlin
Soldier sings that Motherland is much better than Berlin
Music: I. Dunaevskiy Lyrics: L. Oshanin 1945. Singer: KAPP SA, sol. N. Gres
Comments: 8 Downloads: 46605

TextCommentsDownload  Zhdi soldata
Music: Boris Mokrousov Lyrics: Sergey Ostrovoy 1956. Singer: Vladimir Nechaev
Comments: 2 Downloads: 33205

TextCommentsDownload  Zvezdochka
Music: V. Solovyov-Sedoy Lyrics: A. Fatyanov 1945. Singer: Vladimir Nechaev
Comments: 2 Downloads: 30412


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