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Cavalry Budenniy's song - 02:11 (517Kb)
Really relict song
Music: A. Davidenko Lyrics: N. Aseev Singer: Ivan Savchuk i Konstantin Gerasimov. Ansambl pesni VR 1925г.
Downloads: 12434 раз

Fist of Revolution
Author: *=(EMan)=*  1.03.06 07:37  Notify moderator
Konnaya Budionnowo it was FIST OF REVOLUTION. In 1920 this Army spend to much time on Ukraine and didn`t help Tuchatchevskomu near the Warsaw. Semion Budionnyj and his friend Stalin, and also Woroshylov where not interested in invasion on Germany and in export of the revolution on West. They didn`t believe in possibility of so high supremacy of new power, and they not belive in real support of Revolution from western societys. They believed that connect Ukraine to revolution is enough military and political work. From that time was conflict between Marshall Tuchathevskij and Marshall Budionnyj. Later Tuchatchevskij was false accused and was shotted. Stalin removed him because Stalin never like to go to fight with the West. Stalin just need to improve Russia. To push Russia up. He knows that young country needs peace, and he knows that war can cost him personally the power rule, and young country can fall down. (This is why Molotoff, not Stalin annonced about Germans invasion). All politic`s moves from that times should be very carefully inspected.

кто солирует? Кажется К.Герасимов, но вторый голос трудно распознать (можеть быть В.Пучков или И.Сав
Author: Петр  23.04.06 15:48  Notify moderator

На пластинке указано: солируют И.Савчук и К.Герасимов
Author: Грозин Вася  22.09.06 20:24  Notify moderator

Нельзя ли узнать, какого года пластинка
Author: Астроном  16.02.09 11:53  Notify moderator
а также не указано ли на пластинке, чья обработка? Ну, вдруг.

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