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Anthem of the Spanish Republic - 01:42 (397Kb)
This song was Spanish Anthem during the Civil war in Spain in 1936-1938
Music: Uerta 1820г.
Downloads: 7011 раз

Spanish Republican Anthem
Author: Juan  8.05.05 22:10  Notify moderator
I just would like to say that this song was the Spanish Anthem before the Civil War. In fact, after the monarchy was over (April 1931), the Republic was founded by the people, and this became the Anthem. During the War, the fascist used the former monarchic anthem...

Spanish II Republic (1931-1939) Anthem.
Author: Samuel  4.12.05 04:12  Notify moderator
Congratulations for your fantastic historical site.

I'd like to add this music is called "El himno de Riego" (Riego's Anthem). It was the national Spanish II Republic (1931-1939) Anthem. It was the Anthem during the "Constitutional Triennium" (1820-1823), too, well officially since 1822.

It takes its name for General del Riego, who gave to a coup d'etat, proclaiming a liberal monarchy. The French absolutist invasion recovered the absolutist monarchy, Fernando VII executed Rafael del Riego in 1823.

If you are interested in music from the II Spanish Republic, you may visit:


If you want hear Nacionalist (Francoist or Fascist) music:


Unfortunally they are avaible only in Spanish.


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