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In the blindage - 03:11 (747Kb)
"...and accordion sings about your smile and your eyes..."
Soldiers during WW2 really loved this song. Modern record by Red Army choir im Alexandrova
Music: K.Listov Lyrics: A.Surkov Singer: Ans. im Aleksandrova, solist L. Pshenichniy 1942г. Performed in 1992г.
Downloads: 20411 раз

Юрий Никулин
Author: zurov-ippolit  14.03.06 22:52  Notify moderator
Это была любимая фронтовая песня Юрия Никулина. На каком- то концерте в 90- ых он ее даже поет вместе с однополчанами-фронтовиками.

Author: Alexander Zhak  23.04.06 07:14  Notify moderator
Restless flames twist and toss in the stove,
Resin shines on the wood like a tear,
An accordeon sings about love,
And your eyes and your smile reappear.

Bushes whispered about you to me
In these snow fields near Moscow, near home...
Oh, my love, if it only could be,
If you heard me here singing alone.

You are far, far away at this hour,
Snows between us and winter's hard breath.
To rejoin you is not in my power,
Though just four steps divide me from death.

Sing, accordeon, scorning the storm,
Call back joy, drive off sorrow and doubt.
In the cold of the dogout I'm warm
Of the fire of our love won't go out.

Some information
Author: Ambroise  11.08.12 17:16  Notify moderator
Soloist : Leonid Pshenichniy
Date of recording : 1992

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