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Polyushko-pole - 03:08 (723Kb)
Very rare, pre-WW2 version
Music: L. Knipper Lyrics: V. Gusev Singer: Ans. Aleksandrova 1934г. Performed in 1937г.
Downloads: 42874 раз

Author: Çeltikçi  31.12.05 21:58  Notify moderator
I will be very glad if you would find this march's chorus performance

Author: А  4.04.06 14:26  Notify moderator
Музыка была написана БЕЛЫМ ОФИЦЕРОМ Львом Книппер-Чеховым. Слова, естественно, были другими. После приезда из эмиграции автора, слова переписал Виктор Гусев. Сов. песня готова!

Good Site
Author: Robert  25.04.06 23:37  Notify moderator
Thank you for this site. I have been looking for these lyrics for a long time. I have discovered the wealth of wonderful Russian music.

Polyushka Pole
Author: Dimitris  23.05.06 06:46  Notify moderator
My favorite Russian song by far,this song just makes me stand up and feel the adrenaline.

I love to hear the words of Alexander Nievksy (from Eisenstein's movie) first that say something like "Russia is alive..." etc. and the listen to this amazing song.So far I have 3 versions of it.

Author: wil  25.06.06 19:54  Notify moderator
Michael Palin learns to sing this song in an episode of the BBC's "Full Circle" (which is excellent, by the way you can download it from www.mvgroup.org)

песня чудесная
Author: Genosse  25.06.11 09:53  Notify moderator
Неужели нельзя ее скачать?

Author: Слушатель  25.06.11 18:07  Notify moderator
Непонятно, почему же Вы не можете скачать? Отсюда все скачивается без проблем.

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