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TextCommentsDownload  Jaegers' march
Another famous pre-revolution march.
Comments: 21 Downloads: 17766

TextCommentsDownload  James Kennedy
"Only at sea can seaman be happy"
Jazz song about heroism of British sailors, fighting on arctic convoys.
Music: obr. N.Minkh Lyrics: S.Fogelson 1944. Singer: German Orlov, ork. p/u N.Minkha Performed in 1944г.
Comments: 18 Downloads: 14293

TextCommentsDownload  Jarama Valley - English
A song of the International Brigade "Abraham Lincoln", that was fighting in Spain against the faschists in 1936-1938.
1938. Singer: Woody Guthrie
Comments: 1 Downloads: 15289

TextCommentsDownload  Jarama Valley - English
"There's a valley in Spain called Jahama..."
One more original song of the International Brigade "Abraham Lincoln"
1938. Singer: T.Glazer,B.Hawes,B.Lomax
Comments: 1 Downloads: 7960

TextCommentsDownload  Jarama valley - Russian
"...we are sure that the people of the valley will remember our Lincoln brigade..."
A song of the International Brigade "Abraham Lincoln", that was fighting in Spain against the faschists in 1936- 1938.
Russian version of the anti-faschist song
Music: narodnaya Lyrics: Ernst Bush, perevod Tatyani Vladimirskoy Singer: ansambl Grenada Performed in 1987г.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 9206

TextCommentsDownload  Jarama Valley Lincoln-Bataillon - nemetskiy
"In dem Tal dort am Rio Jarama... V doline u reki Kharami..."
Music: Amerikan. Trad. (The Red River Valley) Lyrics: Ernst Bush (Ernst Busch) 1937. Singer: Ernst Bush (Ernst Busch) Performed in 1963г.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 8186

TextCommentsDownload  Jedną drogą /Odnoy dorogoy
"Jedną drogą dzis wszystcy idziemy, nam do marszu armatny gra huk"
Music: Albert Garris Lyrics: Albert Garris 1944. Singer: Albert Garris Performed in 1944г.
Comments: 10 Downloads: 7383

TextCommentsDownload  Jenny's song
"...if you'll be wounded, i'll help and heal your wounds..."
Good ideological song of the 30s
Music: N. Bogoslovskiy Lyrics: V. Lebedev-Kumach 1938. Singer: Lyalya Sateeva Performed in 1938г.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 18480

TextCommentsDownload  Jewish comsomol song
"On the fishing, near river..."
Rare record. Jews' youth work for Motherland and build bright future
Music: I. Dunaevsky Lyrics: V. Volzhenin 1937. Singer: movie"Searching for happiness
Comments: 25 Downloads: 13963

TextCommentsDownload  Joe Hill
"Where working men defend their rights, Joe Hill is at their side."
Music: E.Robinson Lyrics: A.Hayes Singer: Paul Robeson
Comments: 0 Downloads: 8413

TextCommentsDownload  Joe Hill - English
"Where working man go out on strike Jo Hill is at their side..."
Jo Hill, a famous labour leader, was killed by capitalists
Music: Hayes Lyrics: Robinson Singer: Pete Seeger
Comments: 0 Downloads: 11488

TextCommentsDownload  John Henry
"Dzhon Genri umer s molotom [otboynim] v ruke... U nego bila khoroshaya devushka-podruga po imeni Polli Enn..."
Singer: Pol Robson
Comments: 0 Downloads: 6808

TextCommentsDownload  Jolly collective farmers' song
Funny "kolkhoz" song, something about Motherland and Stalin
Music: narodnaya Lyrics: kolkhoznika Olkhovskogo 1936. Performed in 1936г.
Comments: 1 Downloads: 7230

TextCommentsDownload  Joyful kilometers
"Kilometers, kilometers, keep going forward..."
Joyful song of soviet tourists
Music: N.Peskov Lyrics: Yu.Borisov
Comments: 1 Downloads: 8944

TextCommentsDownload  Jubilee march
This march was always played during parades in Moscow from 60-s up to 80s
Music: S.A.Chernetskiy Singer: Otd.pokaz.orkestr MO SSSR
Comments: 2 Downloads: 34631

TextCommentsDownload  Jugend,erwach!(Bau auf,bau auf)
"Freie Deutsche Jugend,bau auf!"
Comments: 0 Downloads: 6994

TextCommentsDownload  Jugend,erwach!(Bau auf,bau auf)
"Freie Deutsche Jugend,bau auf!"
Comments: 0 Downloads: 7237

TextCommentsDownload  Jungs aus Moskau und Berlin (Parni iz Moskvi i Berlina) - nemetskiy
Music: Kurt Greyner-Pol Lyrics: Zigfrid Bertkhold 1970. Singer: Chor und Orchester des Erich-Weinert-Ensembles. Dirigent: Siegfried Enders Performed in 1970г.
Comments: 0 Downloads: 8157

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